Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cooper888's story

Cooper888 writes:
My better half (husband) and I met in SF over eleven years ago and tied the knot in August 2008. Its the easiest relationship either of us has ever been in. We are probably the most boring couple we know, our standing joke is that when we have a fight its usually about trying to do something for the other before they can get to it (dishes, laundry, etc). We weren't thinking of marriage but when the SC originally allowed the marriages to start we thought 'we can... so lets!'. When it looked like Prop H8 would pass we thought oh well, its just not time for this yet and it doesn't really matter. Well a funny thing happened Wednesday November 5th... we woke up and boy DID IT MATTER. We both felt kicked in the gut. I spent the next couple weeks in a severe funk. If the SC lets H8 stand and lets the marriages that happened stand it will be a very strange limbo indeed. Thank you for putting together the blog site. Feel free to share our story.

In the event the court rules as expected and we are put into limbo, I would love to see a social networking site especially for the 18000 couples. is a cool site for that if anyone has an inclination for that kind of thing - hint hint. ;)

Do YOU have a story? put it in the comments and I'll post it for you!

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