Sunday, May 31, 2009

Humorous videos

Speaking about "The Producers", when he was asked why he made jokes about Hitler, Mel Brooks commented something along the lines that ridicule is an extremely effective weapon against evil. In addition to fighting the lunacy of the anti-GLBT bigots, our side has used humor as an outlet, an expression, and to fight back. I've collected some of those videos and will continue to update this page as I find ones that amuse me. Some of these are pretty funny, not all of them are safe for work, and a few of them may be offensive to the humor-deprived.

The LIcense: what if civil marriages really WERE Biblically traditional?

Sex with ducks: what gay marriage inevitably leads to.

Betty Bowers explains Bible Based Marriage.

The GayClic Collab Against Homophobia

This one used a photoshop image that I made of LOLcats in response to the NOM video. A Kossack made the video, but since she started with my image, I include it here.

Another one suggesting you should be careful throwing stones from vitreous houses....

The classic: Prop8 The Musical

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