Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Decision

LA Times reports Prop 8 stands, and so do the marriages.


James said...

This is just the opening bell of the next phase of the fight for equal rights.

I'm very thankful that the court found the spine to uphold the marriages.

But, I'm incredibly angry.p

Erp said...

I wonder how the court would rule on marriages contracted in other states?

I think the court was in a bad situation in that the CA constitution allowed what happened to happen (and precedent did not really allow overturning). The only way to overturn would be to rule it violated the US Constitution; however, that would throw the case into the US Supreme Court which would very likely uphold Prop 8 and dissolve the marriages (and might even set some nasty precedents such as marriage is between a man and a woman only). This way at least the current marriages are preserved and will serve to demonstrate to their neighbors that the sky is not falling. My guess is that the majority of the court hope that Prop 8 will be overturned by the ballot in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I am 1 of the 18000 married couples who was married. I am overjoyed still in the fighrt for same sex couples!!! Lets stand together and Lets fight for our equal rights... Angelina Evelyn Ballou married 11-03-08

IT said...

Angelina, if you would tell your story in the comments, I would be pleased to turn it into a blogpost.

IT, married 10-12-08

Paul (A.) said...

Here's another idea (courtesy Bitch Ph.D.).