Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's not just about the word "Marriage"

During the Prop8 campaign, the supporters of Prop8 argued that they weren't against legal protections for gay couples, but it was the very special word "marriage" that they opposed.

We can see now that was a lie.
  • Item: Equality Utah took the Mormon church at its word, and launched a series of initiatives for a few basic protections (NOT marriage) called "common ground". All were voted down. At that time, in the Salt Lake City newspaper, an advertisement was run demanding that "Gays should be forced not to display their conduct to our children", you know, like holding hands? Imagine a major newspaper running an ad that said that about blacks, Jews, or Mormons.

  • Item: The Seattle Times reports on the new "everything but the name marriage" civil unions law in Washington. However, "A network of conservative and religious organizations, through a public action committee called Protect Marriage Washington, plans to begin collecting signatures to repeal the measure. " Now, remember, this new Washington law does not grant marriage equality. But the fundies are opposed because it grants things LIKE marriage.

  • Item:Nevada Governor vetoed domestic partnerships on the grounds that they are "interference of government in private matters". Okay, then outlaw all those Vegas marriages!

Don't forget that Prop8 in California was the milder of the two initiatives that competed for a place on the ballot. The other one would have eliminated any domestic partnerships.

You see, it isn't about the word "Marriage" per se. It's any civil recognition of us, any protection, any rights. And that's not protecting the "sanctity of Marriage". It's about entrenching bigotry.

The Day of Decision is Tuesday, May 26th. BE THERE!

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Cany said...


And, BTW, I still think Tuesday is going to go swell... I HAVE to remain an optimist. Have to. Must.

A group of us from here in the precinct which had the highest No vote on 8 in OC (tiny little community!) are carpooling to the Santa Ana gathering at the Old OC Courthouse. I am making signs Tuesday after we get word of the decison.

I bet it turns out to be the largest civil rights event ever in OC.

I am holding you and yours in my prayers and thoughts, IT.