Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mapping the future of marriage equality

What's the outlook for marriage equality across the country? Not surprisingly, it looks a lot like the distribution of blue states in politics. We don't expect much progress from the South, of course. But who would have thought we'd come this far?

More here.

Meanwhile, the Box Turtle Bulletin shows us where we are today, compared to a year ago, where dark blue is marriage, light blue is full civil unions, and yellow is moderate levels of protection. The newest entry is Washington state, which has signed an everything but marriage law.

Of course, one must remember that there is already conservative pushback (for example, against the "civil unions light" in Colorado and a referendum planned in Maine.) So those colors may still reverse.

And that's a lot of white space left to cover, some of it in "hate states" with amendments.


it's margaret said...

this is fascinating stuff.... but, wow, Virginia in 2015 -that would be GREAT!

IT said...

I don't believe a word of it, but it's nice to dream....!

it's margaret said...

Ummm --I think it's gonna take a Federal act, if you know what I mean....

Keep dreaming IT. Dream it into being. I'm dreaming too.