Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pico's story

Pico writes:
My better half and I both come from very conservative areas of the country, and we'd relocated to California for work. We got engaged back when we were living in Michigan, with no expectations that it'd be legal to follow through anytime soon. When California gave us the opportunity - and when the Prop 8 battle was looming overhead, we got on the phone with the parents and said, "Can you get a plane ticket next month? We're getting married." And so we did.

Sorta sucked in that we couldn't have friends there, but at the same time it felt great to follow through with something we'd long planned on doing.

Funny story: the judge who presided over the ceremony forgot the last part of the text. As she was wrapping up, she said "I now pronounce you..." and then froze in horror... shuffled through her papers, looked up and said, "Married!"

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