Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Third grader organizes equality rally

A third grader in Denver has organized an equality rally):
Ethan is a Denver third-grader who believes that everyone has a right to marry. In fact, he is so concerned about marriage equality and equal protection that he has organized a rally on the West steps of the state Capitol building to talk about it.

Ethan was inspired by his neighbors, who have a child his age but are unable to officially get married in Colorado. He decided that marriage equality is a civil rights issue and that all people, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, color or race, should have this right.
Most of the kids in Ethan's generation accept that homosexuality is a biological variant like red hair, or left handedness. And they believe that marriage is something that should be available to two adults who love each other. It makes no sense to them to prevent gay people from marrying, any more than it makes sense to block inter-racial marriage, or marriage with left-handed people, or marriage where one partner is disabled.

As the saying goes, the kids are all right.

Here's the video:

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