Thursday, June 4, 2009

And Still we Rise

Letter to a Prop8 advocate:
It's quite offensive that you assume that there is anything less than permanent in my marriage than in yours, simply because of the gender of my beloved. The bigotry of this view may arise from fear, ignorance, or hatred, or some combination thereof.

But denying my faithful, long term relationship the benefits and responsibilities of civil marriage is simple bigotry.

Either way, whether you deprive us of the piece of paper or not, we're married in reality. You can't stop that. You can't eliminate us, or drive us into hiding.

We are your neighbors. We teach your children. We work in your office. We are your doctor, your lawyer, your grocery clerk, your taxi driver. My wife's picture is on my desk, and mine on hers. You and your children see it there when you come in my office.

We are in the PTA. We go to the supermarket and kids' soccer games together. We hold hands. Our children are friends with yours. Your daughter may date my son. We may sit near you at graduation. And some of us even go to church, and stand next to you in the pew.

In the face of all your bigotry and attempt to marginalize us, to make us smaller, we are here, bearing the witness of what marriage is, through better or worse, in sickness or in health, as long as we both shall live.

Oh my, can you imagine the degree of commitment to marriage that endures despite the ignorance and bile of people like you? Despite every effort you make to tear us apart, to disenfranchise and abuse us, to desecrate what we hold sacred, we endure, and still we rise.

It makes you rather small, doesn't it? Bigotry generally does have that effect.

Originally posted at Friends of Jake


Cany said...

killer post, just killer...

willing to take from you knowledge, teaching, support, help, labor etc., but not willing to grant you some peculiar version (their peculiar version) of equality.

but that is what power, control, prejudice, bigotry feeds on.

their chair isn't big enough for all of us. ours is.

we win.

IT said...

Thanks Cany. I really appreciate your support. Straight folks "don't ahave a dog in the fight" so it means a lot from you.

Also, You are 5% of my readership here!