Friday, June 5, 2009

ElsieElsie's story

Writing at DailyKos, ElsieElsie says,

I cannot provide my husband health insurance if he loses his job. His medication is very expensive, and without it, he faces a debilitating disease. We can't afford it without his income or his insurance.

Conversely, he CAN provide me health insurance if I lose my job, but, because the federal government does not recognize our marriage, I must pay taxes on the thousands of dollars his company provides me in benefits in that case -- not a trivial amount of money.

This is but one of millions of examples why, though our civil rights aren't important to you, they are for millions of people and their families intimately connected with the issues [some] deem so much more urgent.

Without full equality, should politicians resolve these burning issues, we get left behind.

Do you have a story about being a gay married Californian? Put it in the comments and I will post it.

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