Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guam considers domestic partnerships

Apparently Guam feels that same sex couples should be protected:
The bill would permit same-sex couples who have lived in Guam for at least five years to receive all benefits granted to heterosexual married couples.....

The bill states, "there exists on Guam a large group of disaffected persons who have been denied one of the basic rights ever given to law abiding citizens; the right to enter into a marriage and to be given the same rights and benefits that have been given to other couples."

The measure also includes protections, stipulating that religious denominations, groups, or government officials that chose not to recognize same-sex marriages cannot be forced to officiate such ceremonies.

Predictably, the Catholic Archdiocese opposes it:
"A fundamental teaching of the church is that homosexuality is wrong. We must however continue to treat one another with great respect, dignity, and compassion in the words we speak and our actions no matter where we stand on this and any issue."

You know, there's precious little respect or compassion in opposition to a civil union.

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