Saturday, June 13, 2009

Marriage Equality a Theological Necessity

From the HuffPo
As Christians, we believe it is crucial for us to support the freedom to marry for loving and committed gay couples. In fact, we believe it is a theological necessity, and we call on our state legislators to take action to end inequality now.

Our support for marriage equality is motivated by our religious commitments, not in spite of them. .... As religious communities continue to wrestle with interpretation of sacred texts about the meaning and ordinance of marriage, our gay brothers and sisters deserve the same dignity, respect, and protections under the law as different sex couples receive in our state and our country.

Marriage equality and religious freedom are not in conflict. When states grant the civil rights of marriage to gay couples, religious communities still maintain their right to recognize whichever relationships they see fit as a religious community. ....

In a land of true equality, civil marriage contracts must be open to all loving couples who seek to undertake the promises and responsibilities of life-long partnership.

....We've also learned from nearly five years of marriage equality in Massachusetts that religious freedoms are not endangered because civil equality has been upheld. In Massachusetts the institution of marriage is being strengthened by loving and committed gay couples receiving marriage licenses from the state. ....

Attacks will come, cloaked in the language of religion, from those who oppose equality. But speaking as committed Christian leaders in New York, we support the promise of civil freedom and equality. We cannot abandon civil rights protected by the state without endangering the very ground for religious freedom. .....As people of faith we call for full marriage equality and give thanks to God for the civil government that will allow it.


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

i suggest you take a look at The Local (Sweden) which reports that the Board of the Church of Sweden yesterday (or maybe the day before) proposed to Synod (meeting in October) to have only o n e Marriage Rite for all.

IT said...

That is great news, Göran. Sweden and other countries in Scandinavia continue to be a beacon in justice. Would the tired old USA could learn from them.