Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Groups

There are several new groups involved in the GLBT movement.
First, remember that federal court case challenging Prop 8 under equal protection? A very good summary is at this Daily Kos diary. The group underwriting the effort is called the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

Another thread to the movement comes from a meeting of activists in Dallas, who have enumerated The Dallas Principles:

In order to achieve full civil rights now, we avow:
1.Full civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals must be enacted now. Delay and excuses are no longer acceptable.
2.We will not leave any part of our community behind.
3.Separate is never equal.
4.Religious beliefs are not a basis upon which to affirm or deny civil rights.
5.The establishment and guardianship of full civil rights is a non-partisan issue.
6.Individual involvement and grassroots action are paramount to success and must be encouraged.
7.Success is measured by the civil rights we all achieve, not by words, access or money raised.
8.Those who seek our support are expected to commit to these principles.

It's not clear how they see these ideals advancing.

These add in to the other equality and rights groups like Lambda Legal, HRC, Equality, etc etc.

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