Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2010, or 2012?

A new coalition called Prepare to Prevail has released a statement recommending that any effort to repeal prop8 wait till 2012. Their statement argues
Unlike Proposition 8 in 2008, any upcoming electoral campaign for marriage equality would be one of choice, not one of necessity in fending off an attack from religious-right foes. Timing is ours to determine. Going back to the ballot to remove the voter-imposed ban on same-sex marriage from the state constitution in 2010 would be rushed and risky. We should proceed with a costly, demanding, and high-stakes electoral campaign of this sort only when we are confident we can win. We should choose to Prepare to Prevail.
Meanwhile, LoveHonorCherish disagrees:
Recently, a letter was circulated in the activist community entitled “Prepare to Prevail: Why We Must Wait in Order to Win.” This letter, which was signed by about 30 organizations, some small and some large, argued that 2010 is too soon to seek the repeal of Prop 8. It gave eight reasons. Here are the reasons, and the response to each...
They go on to refute each argument.

I can see reason to both sides of this argument, but just as with the Boies/Olson anti-DOMA case, it seems too often that the GLBT groups form circular firing squads and snipe at each other, rather than our common enemies. Come on, people. Let's formulate a reasonable message and remember that the Bad Guys are already unified, AND raising money to continue to attack us and our families.

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