Saturday, July 4, 2009

Diagramming the gay marriage debate

Click for larger view:



Anonymous said...

Faith an' begorra...I just read over at TTLS that you get only 10 visits a day??? I've been remiss, and will now visit you every day.


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Anonymous said...

And...I'm back!! God Bless you, and keep fighting!! One day maybe, I'll be able to get married here in Louisiana!! You're an inspiration!


IT said...

Hi JD,
I took the weekend for a holiday. new posts will begin daily again starting tomorrow. Thanks!

Want Some Wood said...

Very clever!

Don't forget that not all married couples are actually unhappy (a rebuttal to the hexagon in the far left corner). I think that in general, the best arguments for gay marriage are also arguments for marriage in general, as I've said at length on my blog.