Thursday, July 2, 2009

Do same-sex marriage bans promote HIV infection?

Interesting study suggests yes:
An Emory University study claims to have found a link between same-sex marriage bans and HIV rates.

By applying economic theories to calculate how social attitudes and policies affect HIV transmission, Hugo Mialon and Andrew Francis estimate that a constitutional ban on gay marriage raises a state's HIV rate by four cases per 100,000 people....

“Tolerance for homosexuals causes low-risk men to enter the pool of homosexual partners, as well as causes sexually active men to substitute away from underground, anonymous, and risky behaviors, both of which lower the HIV rate,” the study reads. “Social acceptance of gays may consequently induce gay men to interact in open and socially mediated venues associated with less risky sexual behaviors.”...

Mialon said, “Intolerance is deadly.”

But let's remember that that National Review disagrees:
One still sometimes hears people make the allegedly “conservative” case for same-sex marriage that it will reduce promiscuity and encourage commitment among homosexuals. This prospect seems improbable, and in any case these do not strike us as important governmental goals.

Sure. Because conservatives think better dead than wed.

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