Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Uh-oh. Another mob vote attacking marriage coming up!

The Huffington Post reports,
In Maine, the Stand for Marriage Maine coalition said it took only four weeks to gather more than the 55,087 signatures necessary to put gay marriage to a vote.

The Maine law to legalize gay marriage had been scheduled to go into effect Sept. 12. It will be put on hold after the signatures are submitted and certified by the secretary of state's office. Voters will then decide in November whether the law should stand.
Prepare yourselves, for the hatred, the bigotry, the lies and the ire. They have hate on their side. We have only love.

Go give Equality Maine some love. They're going to need it.

Update: Irony alert. Apparently the opponents of gay marriage in Maine are painting themselves as a poor harassed minority and are hiding their HQ from marauding bands of queers.
But by complaining loudly and often that they've been called names and heard things go bump in the night since they launched their campaign, might Stand for Marriage Maine's organizers also be portraying themselves as an oppressed "minority" (Mutty's word, not mine) in the hope that they will be perceived as the victims this time around?....

Maybe not, but Stand for Marriage Maine's secretive ways contrast sharply with the see-through strategy of the Maine Freedom to Marry coalition.....

Those who are trying to overturn Maine's same-sex marriage law are learning – many for the first time – how frightening it can be when someone gets in your face or dials your home phone out of the blue and calls you a nasty name.

At the same time, those who are defending the law are learning – many for the first time – that the more the social pendulum swings their way here in Maine and beyond, the less they need to live in fear.

Update 2: Americablog reports that the usual suspects (The Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus, NOM, and Focus on the Family have contributed quite a lot. Our side is lagging behind. HRC, other national orgs, where are you?
The first campaign finance report in the Maine marriage campaign came out today. The Diocese of Portland, which has been shutting down parishes for lack of money, contributed $100,000. The Knights of Columbus chipped in $50,000. And the National Organization for Marriage donated $160,000 (and we really don't know who gave NOM that money, but we suspect some bigots based in Salt Lake City.) In a separate report, Focus on the Family Maine Marriage Committee reported raising $42,000 for the campaign to take marriage rights away.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Our side will report raising around $138,000.

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And add to that that the Matt Shepherd Bill (and potentially DADT) may be attached to the senate appropriations bill which the pres has said he will veto IF the F-22 is included...

Many smoke signals on the horizon.