Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anti-PropH8 group going after Iowa

They don't give up, they are like zombies. From the LA Times:
Opponents of same-sex marriage launched a campaign today to re-ban gay marriage in Iowa.

The National Organization for Marriage, which was active in getting Proposition 8 approved by voters in California, sent out an appeal for donations to run advertisements on behalf of political candidates who oppose same-sex marriage.
Brian Brown -- who spearheaded the National Organization for Marriage's efforts in California, and is now the group's executive director -- also wrote supporters that donations could be used nationwide, to “allow us to rapidly intervene … in key races across the country where a handful of House or Senate seats could make the difference between whether a same-sex marriage bill or state marriage amendment passes or fails.”

So, whaddya going to do about it?

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James said...

I'm so not surprised. They will enlist the RCs and the LDS and the lies will begin. But, perhaps the people of Iowa, being mid-westerners with brains, won't buy into the lies and the right-wing Christian Taliban.

I wish I could win the mega lottery to help. And sue these jerks for defamation of the name of Jesus.