Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Great Gay (and Gay Friendly) Kiss-in, Aug 15th

We ... believe that there's not enough love and affection in the world, because most people are afraid to show it. We should never be afraid of brief, unimposing displays of affection. There is nothing wrong with a hug, a kiss on the mouth, a kiss on the cheek.
Our friends at Join the Impact are joining the New Civil Rights Movement and calling for a kiss-in, to protest the arrests of gay people who dare exchange a kiss in public. More background here.

Check out the Facebook Group for a city near you, find a friend, a spouse, or a partner, and pucker up!


James said...

Well, find me a willing volunteer, and I'll sacrifice myself for this cause. :) I prefer something in the 20-year old model with dark red hair or perhaps lovely light brown hair, please. :)

IT said...

Well, James, perhaps you should go to the nearest venue and see what you can could be a great way to meet people!

NancyP said...

Have fun!