Monday, August 10, 2009

Mob Rule

During the Prop8 aftermath, peacefully protesting gay people were accused of being terrorists, and peaceful protests were referred to as "mobs". 25,000 people marching without incident were called intimidating. The Christianists made numerous unsubstantiated claims that they had been attacked, and when the donors (pro or con) were made public, as required by law, they bleated that they would be targets for violence.

Guess what?


Conveniently overlooked was the fact that the Pro-H8 side had themselves threatened people and business and committed vandalism. Indeed, despite THEIR accusations of religious persecution, Pro-H8 demonstrators interrupted a Eucharist at the Episcopal Cathedral of San Diego because that church dared to disagree with them.

By contrast anti-Prop8 protests were legitimate, peaceful, and no one was harmed. (The largest demonstration, in San Diego in November, had one arrest: a PropH8 supporter who opposed GLBT rights).

Of course, right wing protests are a little different and the recent goal of the mobs have been to shut down any discourse with violence. The hypocrisy seems pretty clear.

Now, in Maine, the anti-equality forces are terrified that they will be targeted for violence, so they are hiding their address and making dark pronouncements. However, the pro-equality forces (who have not hidden their address) have issued a call for ethics and civility. Based on precedent, which side do you think is more likely to be violent?

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