Thursday, August 13, 2009

THe Prop8 Federal Suit

As we've discussed in numerous posts here, there is an aggressive new suit against Prop8, this time at the Federal Level. This was against all general strategies of the mainstream GLBT groups but now they want to join the suit. But the Olson/Boies group don't want the distraction. As reported in the LA TImes, there's a clash.

Sadly, this is working against us.
Proposition 8 supporters have been watching with glee.

"Advocates for gay marriage are in complete disarray, not only on the political fence but on the legal fence as well," said Andrew Pugno, a lawyer for Proposition 8. "Our job would be much harder if they were all unified in their efforts."

UNLESS AND UNTIL the GLBT community starts acting with the discipline and message o the opposition, rather than having dramatic internecine battles, we are never going to win. WTF are you people doing?

Meanwhile, Ted Olson, one of the lawyers in the Federal Prop8 case, was interviewed by the LA Times.

Q. Does your argument have more purchase with conservatives because you're the one making it?

A. I'm hoping that it does. I hope some people will open their eyes to the decency of getting to the point where we allow gay and lesbian individuals to be married and have a happy life.

Q. I expect some of your fan mail has flipped 180 degrees because of this?

A.I am getting comments from some segments of the society who feel that it's the wrong thing to do and I'm betraying the conservative cause and things that I've stood for in my life. Some of it is quite hostile. But that goes with the territory. On the other hand, I'm hearing from people, including plenty of Republicans, who are very, very grateful. It has been overwhelmingly gratifying to hear from very decent people who are touched by the fact that we're trying to help.

Make sure to read the op-ed by Olson's co-litigant David Boies in the WSJ.

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