Friday, September 4, 2009

In Maine,things heat up.

The Catholic church in Maine is in tough financial straits....closing parishes, cutting programs. But they can still donate against gay marriage, to the dismay of many Maine Catholics. Indeed, it's an irony that as the Bishops spend more and more to fight marriage equality around the country, they are completely out of touch with the average Catholics in the pew who have different priorities (like health care, and caring for the least amongst us.)

In fact, remarkably nearly all the money donated against gay marriage in Maine has come from institutions, and only a few hundred dollars from individuals.

The Group Californians Against Hate suspects this is money laundering.
Letters and emails from NOM Executive Director Brian Brown were included where he stated:

“And unlike in California, every dollar you give to NOM’s Northeast Action Plan today is private, with no risk of harassment from gay marriage protestors.”

“Donations to NOM are not tax-deductible and they are NOT public information, either.”

“Your gift is confidential: no public disclosure! "
Californians Against Hate suggest that this is an effort to get around the Maine disclosure laws, and the Maine Ethics commission will investigate.

There's a reason haters want their names secret. It's the same reason, frankly,that the Klan wore hoods.

Cartoon from The Southern Voice.

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