Friday, September 11, 2009

The lies begin in Maine

The old, familiar arguments have begun in Maine. The Catholic church is holding a second collection this Sunday to fund their attacks on marriage equality this weekend. And what will they do with the money?

How about fund advertisements with known lies? As should be familiar to ANY battle-scarred veteran of the Prop8 war, the haters in Maine are insisting that kids will be taught about gay sex in schools if marriage remains legal. This was one of their most successful arguments in California EVEN THOUGH PROVEN UNTRUE and they are doing the same thing in Maine. The Portland Press Herald exposes the lies told by Marc Mutty's fundraising email (Mutty is on loan from the Catholic Diocese to the haters campaign):
the Rev. Bob Emrich of the Emmanuel Bible Baptist Church in Plymouth, a member of Stand for Marriage Maine's executive committee, said the group stands by Mutty's claim that the same-sex marriage statute will require "explicit homosexual instruction in the classroom."

One problem. Emrich and Mutty are wrong. Nowhere in the law do the words "school" or "classroom" even appear.

And if you're looking for phrases like "explicit homosexual instruction" hidden in some obscure statutory subsection, trust me – it's not there. Not even in code.......

For starters, Maine doesn't "mandate" a "comprehensive family life curriculum" for its schools......

The statute also says that if any family-life education takes place in a school, "a parent may choose to not have (his or her) child participate" in the program.

As for "marriage" – heterosexual or homosexual – the word never appears in the statute. Not once......

As for any "explicit" instruction on homosexuality, [ Superintendent Jim] Morse said it simply doesn't exist – nor will it if the same-sex marriage law is upheld.

"There is no explicit discussion," Morse said.

Which brings us back to the truth – or disturbing lack thereof – in Mutty's misguided fundraising appeal.
The ONLY way that their side can win is to tell lies. (More about this shortly). Resist the lies: support the truth. Donate to the No-on-Question 1 campaign and keep equality in Maine!

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