Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quote for the day

From the always passionate Dan Savage:
And our equality isn't going to deprive you of anything. The coming of legal same-sex marriage will not result in "traditional" marriage—opposite marriage—perishing from the face of the earth. That's seriously not our goal—heck, most of us are products of "opposite marriage." Once we've achieved full marriage equality you can go right on having your "traditional" marriages while we enjoy our "non-traditional" marriages. You can have your opposite genitalia, we can have our matched sets. You can have your vulgar church weddings, we can have our dignified civil ceremonies (and some of us will have church weddings too, of course, but only in churches that support marriage equality). And you can go right on teaching your children that gay marriage is wrong and that gay people are sinful, while we teach our children—most of whom will be straight when they grow up—that love and marriage, gay or straight, are beautiful things and that it's too bad some hateful, clueless bigots out there can't see that. And we're going to live our lives openly and without shame to give hope to your gay children.


Jonathan said...

What about churches that are suffering from discrimination in the gay marriage battle?

Before your blood pressure rises too much… what about churches that will marry gay couples but are denied the ability to sign a CIVIL marriage license?

IT said...

Jonathan, that's another example of religious freedom -- one which the right wing conveniently ignores in this debate, as they try to "own" the religious argument.

It's why it is so essential that in the fight for marriage equality that faith groups and churches who support equality speak out.

The Christian Right does not speak for all Christians -- let along other faiths.