Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Upcoming votes: Vote No on 1 in Maine, Yes on 71 in Washington

Do what you can to help our brothers and sisters. The biggie is Maine: this is the M-word, folks, marriage. The lies have started with the successful PropH8 campaigners up to their usual tricks. The vote will be close. Stand up for equality in Maine: we really, really want to win one at the ballot box. Can you give money? fly out to help? Whatever you can do, please help preserve equality in maine and VOTE NO ON QUESTION 1.

The Washington election is about domestic partnerships, NOT marriage. But, proving that they LIE when they say it's only about marriage, the haters are out in force claiming that DPs ARE marriage. This is simply bigotry. Help keep the DP law intact in Washington state: VOTE YES ON REFERENDUM 71.

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