Thursday, October 15, 2009

Equality March review (video)

Haven't talked much about this, and the way that the split between the angry grass-roots on the streets, and the softly-softly high gays in beautiful suits listening to the President make a campaign speech. Make it happen.


enh said...

I was with the gays on the streets. I marched to the Capitol and I picketed Obama at his speech to the HRC.

I wouldn't describe us as "angry," exactly. We are weary of working for our rights, only to find that Solmonese and the Democrats want us to be patient. We have lost our faith in the man who spoke of the audacity of hope. We still feel the urgency of now, and like a river that is dammed up, we are channeling our energy into new directions.

IT said...

WIsh I'd been there!

Solomnese says we'll be happy in 2017. A long time....