Saturday, October 31, 2009

Marriage in Maine, and elsewhere

A moving Op/Ed
Love, monogamy, commitment, integrity and morality are family values offered by the No on 1 campaign. To be around any couple (gay, straight, or lesbian) who advocates for loving, life-long, married commitment, can only enhance my life, my 20-year marriage, and our daughters' lives.

It is a privilege for me and my family to know other couples (gay, straight, or lesbian) who are committed to married life and who raise their children with integrity, love and compassion. I encourage all Mainers to have a tender heart toward gay and lesbian neighbors.

The bottom line is: No on 1 is advocating for committed marriages as a means to express the depth of loving relationships, and that is a beautiful and worthy aspiration for all human beings.
The writer, a faithful Catholic, has been removed from her role as a Eucharistic minister for daring to support civil (NOT religious) marriage equality. And meanwhile the Diocese of Maine is closing even more churches, as it donates money and lies to the anti-equality campaign.

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