Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We lost, again

48% of Maine voters believe in fairness and equality. 52% believe in ignorance and bigotry.

We've seen this before. As shown by Gallup, not until 1991 did a plurality of Americans approve of inter-racial marriages. Indeed, one might argue that the landmark Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision of 1968 sped it up, and even then, the electorate only caught up with the law 30 years later.

So I should wait 30 years? Demographics suggest in 30 years I have a reasonable chance of being dead. In the meantime I remain a very angry, frustrated, second class semi-citizen.


James said...

I, too, am angered, frustrated and just plain dismayed. I cannot understand bigotry in any form against any human being. These are useless words, IT, but "we shall overcome."

enh said...

Same results (48-52) as for Prop. 8. Washington State Referendum 71 is too close to call (as of 9:30 a.m., W 11/4). I'm glad you still have hope, James. I've just about given up.