Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Gay Marriage is Wrong (warning, sarcastic video)_


TheraP said...

Hello, IT. Just thought you might appreciate a recent blog of mine. It did pretty well at TPM. I suspect BP will especially appreciate it:

It's passed its "sell by" date. But I just wanted to pass it along.

Peace and Love. We WILL get there!

IT said...

Thanks, TheraP. I commented there.

TheraP said...

I'm glad you posted there. I also replied to your comment:

And I included a couple of links you could follow... just to see what's percolating. I'm also in touch with college friends and I think there is a growing willingness to speak out, because yes, it's happening in "our" name - and it's really an effort to squelch and intimidate many groups. I prefer to stake out broad territories and define them on our terms rather than allow the "lowerarchy" (a term I was recently introduced to) to divide and conquer.

IT said...

Thanks. I put a link to your blog in a post at Streetprophets