Monday, December 14, 2009

Coming around on adoption

Rob Dreher is a conservative Catholic columnist who (in)famously was terrified that bands of marauding gays were going to attack Prop 8 supporters in the wake of the election. (Of course that did not happen).

His recent column is an interesting one about gay adoption. One expects the worst from Dreher, but he surprises.
I find myself convinced of the truth of the Church's teaching, but also without a good argument for why orphans are better off languishing without loving parents than they are being in a nurturing home with a same-sex couple. I do believe heterosexual couples seeking adoption should be privileged, because I believe a mother and a father are in principle the best arrangement for children. But I can't say I have any real objection to same-sex couples adopting, even though I have a somewhat guilty conscience about that.
So as the Institutional Church refuses to participate in any adoption lest a gay person take in a child (oh, the horror! the horror!) let's also be thankful that even a conservative has to admit the truth of the matter, that GLBT adoption helps kids and kids should be helped.

One step at a time.

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