Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NY Senate nixes marriage equality

The NY Democrats could not hold their caucus together, and not one Republican voted in favor of Equality.

Most bitterly amusing response: the Log Cabin Republicans, who scolded the DEMOCRATS. Maybe you guys should get the Log out of your own eye?

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports:

Senators voted 38-24 to reject same-sex marriages.

“I understand the anger,” Governor David Paterson said after the vote. “I understand the frustration; I understand the feeling of betrayal; and I understand the profound disappointment of those who came to Albany today thinking they could get married tomorrow. But I am also here to tell you that we are not back to square one.”

Senator Thomas Duane, an openly gay Democrat from Manhattan who sponsored the bill, said he went into the vote confident it would pass and suspected some legislators scuttled their support for fear of voter backlash. He said he’ll continue pushing for another vote on the issue. “There was a contagious lack of backbone that occurred here today.”

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Anonymous said...

all of that stuff is ridiculous on my blog in the video section there is a video of a Colorado church that post a sign that says fags not aloud things like that should be illegal its segregation check it out!