Saturday, January 23, 2010

Coming out against H8

This is a picture from the NoH8 campaign that supports marriage equality. It uses celebrities to demonstrate their opposition to Prop8, and how their voices were not heard.

THis is the latest model. It's Cindy McCain, wife of AZ Senator and erstwhile presidential candidate John McCain. Mrs McCain is coming out against H8.


Erp said...

BTW the trial may be attracting a certain hate filled church from Kansas.

They roll into SF on the 28th mostly hitting Jewish centers and High Schools/Universities though they plan to give the District Court a protest on the 29th.

They touch base in my town that morning (including a Jewish student center that was vandalized[1] earlier this year).

[1] probably just drunken students and not deliberate anti-semitic but still unnerving.

IT said...

Bring 'em on. THe more wackos from their side who show up on camera, the better.