Friday, January 29, 2010

Grounds for Appeal?

Remember how the SCOTUS decided not to allow delayed broadcast of the Prop8 trial? This came after the judge had agreed that even if it WERE broadcast, any witness could request the cameras be turned off.

No matter, a number of the Defense witnesses pulled out, even though there was no broadcast allowed.

Now Maggie Gallagher claims that the trial was biased because their witnesses pulled out and it's all that mean judge's fault.

Is this their ground for appeal? That even though there were no broadcasts, the mere fact that broadcasts were possible, EVEN THOUGH anyone could avoid being broadcast, is enough to tilt the field?

Well, if the missing witnesses were anything like as good as the ones that DID testify for the defense, I'm sorry they didn't show. The defense witnesses they had were excellent....for the plaintiffs.

As reported in the Sacramento Bee,
Under cross-examination, Blankenhorn said he has not scientifically studied the impact of same-sex marriage on the institution of marriage in countries where it is now legal.

And he said that none of the work by scholars that he submitted to court has studied the impact either.

He also said he knew of no study showing that children raised by gay parents are worse off than children raised by their biological mothers and fathers.

During his wide-ranging testimony, Blankenhorn also said, "I believe homophobia is a real presence in our society" that "I deplore and wish would go away."

He said he now views domestic partnership as "part of a humane compromise" to the clash over gay marriage, although he admitted he had concerns that it might be discriminatory to confine gays to that type of legal union.

"It is discriminatory to call two things that are the same different names," Blankenhorn said. But he said he feels "satisfied" that domestic partnership is a good compromise.
Pretty good...for our side.

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