Monday, January 25, 2010

Marriage Equality around the world (map)

From Worldfocus, a map of marriage quality around the world.


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Yes, that't how it is. And it has changed dramatically in just a decade...

Erika Baker said...

Again, though, it is worth pointing out that "other types of partnership" includes countries like England and Germany where the legislation is exactly the same as for marriage and only the name is different.
You cannot compare our Civil Partnership with your domestic partnership legislation. Apart from the name, it is exactly like a marriage.

IT said...

This is true, Erika. Because of the way the US is set up, DP's have NO federal meaning or authority. You have many more rights than we do.

Heck, I'm legally married, word and all, but only in California, and my marriage is recognized only in 5 states.

It is interesting to ask whether or not my marriage is recognized by other countries as it is not recognized by (most of) my own.

Erika Baker said...

Your marriage would certainly be recognised in those European countries who have marriage or civil partnership legislation.
But it would be recognised according to their own legal terms.

At one point we explored getting married in Canada. If we had done, we would have been treated as Civil Partnered after our return.
And there was even a legal case a year or so ago where 2 women who had got married in Canada wanted their marriage to be recognised as a marriage in the UK. Legally, it makes no difference, but "equal but different" just isn't equal.
They failed because they were trying to introduce a concept (same sex marriage) into British law that simply doesn't exist there - yet.