Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maryland will recognize out-of-state same sex marriages.

The Attorney General of the state of Maryland, which does not allow same sex marriages, has released an opinion saying that although such marriages are not performed in-state, if they are performed elsewhere, they should be recognized.

From LawDork:

What this means is that agencies will begin adopting regulations and policies to allow for recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages. This, obviously, will include the District of Columbia, where the marriage equality bill is to take effect on March 3. The opinion noted that such changes will be made to the extent possible when not constrained by federal law (primarily, the Defense of Marriage Act). In other words, there are still complications to be resolved.
Although just one (big) step in a complicated process, and though a court challenge appears almost inevitable, this was an important step toward equality that Gansler and his office did a good, honest job of preparing.

What it means to real people (from the WaPO)
"When I looked at the newspaper headline this morning, I was just stunned," said Tibby Middleton, 71, who lives in Frederick with Barbara Kenny, her partner of 44 years. "I was very moved by it, really. I never thought I would live in any place where I would be treated with dignity and respect."

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This is encouraging news. Thank you.