Monday, May 31, 2010

Are they bigots?

The Right Wing is up in arms over a (straight) Washington Post reporter who calls those opposed to marriage equality "bigots". His response:

Unlike with most activists, I don't really see the direct impact on their lives, or on the lives of the people who agree with them, of the cause they oppose. Antitax protesters are threatened by higher taxes. Anti-health-care-bill protesters fear their coverage will get worse. Anti-meat-eating protesters believe animals are being murdered and the environment is being made worse....

But who's threatened by legal same-sex marriage? Whose life is made worse? If there was science suggesting that children raised by same-sex parents are worse off than children raised by traditional families, that would be one thing, but I haven't seen it. We've watched legal same-sex marriage in several European countries and several states, and it hasn't ushered in some decline in the quality of life, or marriage, for those who don't participate in it.

That's what I don't understand. That's my bias, for now. I'll happily entertain arguments for the contrary.

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NancyP said...

Religious Right tries to pack court in June 8th primary in San Diego

Re: SD primary June 8th

The local religious right wing trying to pack SD county superior court by ousting current judges and replacing with their own team, under the slogan "Better courts now". The above story summarizes the situation, and has links. I think that if the community is not already aware, it needs to be made so. Most people don't put much thought into judicial candidates, and many don't vote. The turnout is typically very low, and thus the RR think that they win by getting out their own people (in the know) and fooling enough disgruntled general voters who don't know anything about the candidates but vote for "better courts now" because it sounds good. This is the classic "stealth campaign" run by the RR for years to take over low-on-the-ticket positions, especially school boards. The "better courts now" website does not have any hint of religion, and just has generic text. Maybe the videos are more explicit.