Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hyporite alert: George Rekers

Just when you thought all the Republican secret homos had been exposed, there's another one. There's a new euphemism to add to Larry Craig (remember the "wide stance"?)

Dr George Reker is a Baptist minister, co-founder of Dobson's Family Research Council, founder of the anti-gay American College of Pediatricians, and outspoken opponent of marriage or adoption by same sex couples. He was recently paid $87,000 by the state of Florida to oppose gay adoptions (and Native American adoptions too). His pseudoscience would be funny if it weren't doing such damage.

This week Rekers was caught coming home with an escort after a European trip. The escort came from a sex site called Rentboy. Rekers claims that he hired the escort to help him "lift his luggage" as he couldn't do it himself.

So that's what they call it now.

Now Rekers is claiming he hired the boy so he (Rekers) could cure the boy of his sins.

The Advocate reports,
In a Tuesday afternoon post, Unzippedidentified the profile of the RentBoy, titled "Boynextdoor/Geo." By Tuesday evening, Family Research Council had removed Rekers' name from its website.
Yes, the forces of Hate are quick to turn on their own and "disappear" them.

It's hard not to cackle with glee at another hypocrite revealed. (Colbert does a great piece on it).

But Rob Tisinai has some measured words,

It’s dehumanizing — to him and to us — to gloat over this poor wreck of a life. Yet we have a human duty to protect others from Rekers and his colleagues in deceit. Don’t caricaturize him as a villain exposed. Present him instead as a victim-turned-abuser, a perfect symbol of the cycle — the vicious, hateful machine — we’re trying to break.
Of course, that doesn't excuse him from the evil he's done . What a poor excuse for a human being he is.


James said...

I saw this story the other day. So sad, very, very sad.

When I was a teenager, our priest, Fr. Beaumont, told me once, "When I see anyone who is rabidly anti anything, I know he has strong leanings in the direction of the thing he loathes."

how very true that is. The roots of homophobia are in the person's same-gender attraction and the inability to deal with it, and to deal with society's view of it.

Fortunately, the younger generations are, for the most part, "over" the issue of same gender attraction and see it as just one more variation to life - like right handed or left handed people.

IT said...

I have speculated before that they are so committed to their closet, they have invested so much in it, that they attack the healthy, out gay men more viciously. If being gay is okay after all, then they have wasted their sorry lives. So they fight to deny it.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Proof positive that prejudice destroys brain cells. Prejudice turned inward also destroys the soul

James said...

Very well stated, Elizabeth.

JCF said...

The roots of homophobia are in the person's same-gender attraction

James, I wish you wouldn't use this phrase.

It is an invention of the "Hate the Sin" Right, used instead of "same-sex orientation" [Because there's No Such Thing as homosexual orientation, doncha know. Just "attractions"---no different than a married het male's attraction to other women---that one CHOOSES to act on (and ergo, SINS), or not.]

Like "gay lifestyle", the phrase "same-gender attraction" (I think the 'phobes prefer to say "same-gender"? Not sure why) is one left on the good ol' ash-heap of history!

James said...

JCF, sorry about that. I meant it as, "homophobia has at it's root the fact that the homophobe has strong inclinations in the homosexual direction, but is unable to come to terms with those desires."

I've made a conscious decision to remove the "sex" from the debate over sexual attraction. It's not about the "sex" but about the attraction.

JCF said...

I've made a conscious decision to remove the "sex" from the debate over sexual attraction. It's not about the "sex" but about the attraction.

Hmmm. I understand that---where you're coming from, James.

I think there may be others ('phobes) who use "same-gender" (over "same-sex") for other reasons.

[Which may, or may not, be related to the fact that the 'phobes don't believe that TG/TS/Gender-Different people exist, either. XX or XY chromosomes are All-Defining, and if you "feel trapped inside of..." (for example), you should just GET OVER IT!]