Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Over 10,000 served

I started this blog on May 8th 2009 in the trauma of the first Prop8 trial. Would we stay legally married? What could I do, one middle aged married lesbian, to help the cause? My first goal was to tell our stories, we gay married Californians. From there, I started consolidating news on this one issue.

Today we crossed 10,000 visitors. We generally get about 20 a day, with an occasional spike of traffic driven by my cross posts at the community blogs to which I belong, including the progressive Episcopal blog Friends of Jake, the progressive faith-issues blog Street Prophets, and the just-plain-progressive Daily Kos. But I think the biggest thing to drive us above the 0-1 visitor per day was the fact I now link these to my facebook.

It's not a lot. It pales in comparison to most of the blogs I read. But it's all mine, this one, with a single minded fixation on one issue:


I hope you find it informative, inspiring, and worth the visit. I plan to keep going, so please stick around. And tell a friend. ;-)

Visitor number 10,000 came to us on a Google search for "gay married boy" from Kathmandu, Nepal.


JCF said...

Mazel Tov! :-D

Karen said...

Very Good !

Erika Baker said...

Congratulations! The visitor numbers are well deserved, your blog is interesting, very varied for a single issues blog, informative, well researched and well written.
Here's to the next 10000!