Thursday, May 27, 2010

Till death do us part

What is it with Republican governors? First it was Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri who, back in November, vetoed legislation that would let a gay person plan his dead partner's funeral, ostensibly because that was a slippery slope to marriage. (The veto was overridden in January 2010).

Now Gov. Tiim Pawlenty of Minnesota is trying the same thing (and situating himself for a possible attempt at the GOP nomination since homophobia is apparently a tea party value).
Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed a bill Saturday that would have given same-sex partners the right to decide what to do with the body of their loved ones, should they die.
These people have no values, and certainly no humanity nor Christianity. How awful can you be.


klady said...


is all I can say

Wormwood's Doxy said...

I really don't know how they live with themselves....

Grant said...

I've been to the Gov's Mansion in St. Paul for cocktails twice. I bet it'll happen again before his term's up.

I plan to ask Mr. Pawlenty what he was thinking here. I'm thinking of phrasing the question this way? "Gov. does American liberty include the freedom to choose who has control of our remains after we die? Or are you a statist who believes the government can and should restrict those decisions?"