Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DADT Federal Trial

Did you know there's a DADT (don't ask don't tell) trial in federal court?

Why not?

I know I don't cover much with DADT but this is a biggie. The Log Cabin Republicans are challenging DADT in federal court and the Obama DoJ is fighting back HARD.

Yes, yes, I hear what you're saying. It's repealed, right?

NO it's not! There's an addendum in a budget bill that lets the Pentagon, er, dick around forever while those opposed drag their heels. NOT repeal, NOT what our Fierce Advocate promised. DADT will NOT be history any time soon, and they are still dismissing loyal military servicemembers.

The military has decided to poll its members (poll them. Do you think they asked the grunts about racial integration?) and it turns out the poll is totally insecure, anyone can with little effort skew the numbers. If this goes through, they will segregate the military between straight and homo.

Go over and read Karen Ocamb's blog on this trial, and then GET EQUAL.

And BTW, Get Equal, where are you and Dan Choi?


JCF said...

Funny you should ask, IT.

Dan Choi and GetEqual are here.

[Holding another Dem sell-out, Reid, accountable (this time over ENDA). Sigh.]

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Very bad!

But why "Networked Blogs"??? It curs the stream and sends me back to square one, when I want to continue from where I were!

IT said...

Goran, I don't know what "networked blogs" means, some facebook thing? I don't know what's happening, it seems to work for me....

JCF, Dan Choi is getting lots of attention on the streets. But there is a FEDERAL CASE and there is almost no one there--no one from Get Equal, no one reporting on what karen Ocamb says are very, very aggressive questions from the DoJ.

There is work to be done which does not require getting one's picture in the paper. I'd like to see some follow through from Get Equal.

Inotherwords, Great, Dan. You got noticed. NOW WHAT?

JCF said...

Well, Dan may have more time on his hands---JoeMyGod is reporting that he was discharged (under DADT) late last month. :-( [But not yet confirmed by Choi.]