Friday, July 16, 2010

NOM's bus tour against equality

The Courage Campaign points out that Maggie Gallagher's hate group NOM is planning a series of rallies in venues across the Midwest and East to oppose equality; they plan a Tour Tracker Campaign The Freedom to Marry organization plans parallel events as part of their own Summer for Marriage.

Full props to Equality Maine for staging a counter protest. Let's make sure NOM sees a peaceful opposition at all their stops. Remember, we're about LOVE. It's they who are about hate.

More from the Courage Campaign:
Compared to the marriage equality rally, the mood at this gathering was bitter and angry. These folks weren’t smiling. They stood awkwardly, clapping at inappropriate times. With the exception of small children, Dan and I were the youngest by at least a generation. There was not a single attendee who was a person of color; all attending were white, old, and conservatively dressed. Some carried signs proclaiming homosexuality a sin; many wrapped themselves in the flag.

NOM is a dangerous group that fronts a lot of the money for anti-marriage equality campaigns. (I'll tell you more about that soon). It behooves us as a community to stand up to them robustly, and let OUR voices be heard.

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