Friday, July 30, 2010

UK to give civil marriages?

Right now, the UK has civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, which have most (but not all ) of the rights of marriage without the name itself. The current UK government, a coalition between the middle (Liberal Democrats) and Conservatives, has announced that "real" marriage is coming:
Under current rules, same-sex couples can contract a civil partnership, which is recognised in law but not given the same status as marriage for a heterosexual couple.

Mr Hughes predicted that before the next general election, the law will be changed to give an equal right to full marriage.
“It would be appropriate in Britain in 2010 to have civil marriage for straight people and gay people equally,” he said.
“The state ought to give equality. We’re halfway there. I think we ought to be able to get there in this Parliament.”
This is not the left in British politics. This is the right and the center.

Meanwhile in the American system, even the left/liberal party (the Dems) run away from us while the right actively opposes our rights.

pretty sad, really.

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