Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ted Olson articulates the case to Fox (videos)

From Fox News, of all places.

Ted Olson makes the conservative case and takes apart the parroted talking points that Chris Wallace brings up: "activist judges", "gay marriage is not in the Constitution", "Supreme Court impinging on States' Rights as with Roe v Wade".

I'm glad I don't have to argue with this guy Olson. He's like a steam roller.


James said...

Holy Moley! I'm with you - I would NOT want to be the opposing council to this man. He really laid the conservatives in the sweet peas.

Jarred said...

I love the part where Olson points out that most people say "judicial activism" to mean "something they don't like" and Wallace simply responds "Exactly!" Does he not see the problem with that?