Monday, September 20, 2010

Another poll shows increased support for marriage equality

A poll released last Thursday from the AP shows more support for marriage equality. When asked whether gay couples should receive the same benefits as straight couples, a majority says yes. When asked whether gay couples should have federal recognition of their marriages, a majority says yes. This is just the latest in a series of polls showing increased support for gay families.


JCF said...

I'm spamming your blog, IT, for a brief message:

Do YOU want to see Andy Pugno, the BIGOT who's devoted a *decade* to banning same-sex marriage in California, the "Father of Prop H8", in the California Legislature?

[Moreover, do you want him to be JCF's Assemblyman?!]

What? You don't, you say?

Then please, kind gentlemen/women: would you graciously consider helping out cough *donating to* cough Pugno's opponent Dr Richard Pan?

Thank you.

[Pan's endorsements include Stonewall Democrats, FYI]

IT, if you want to break this post out---give it its own entry---that would be OK by me, too!

JCF said...


You may see me similarly spamming my blog pals in the days ahead. Can you tell how much I really DON'T want Pugno for my Assemblyman? >:-(

James said...

The main problem with polls is that those who respond to polls don't go vote, for the most part. That leaves the fear-fed minority to call the shots via the ballot.