Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bullying drives boy to suicide

Whether he was gay or not, the bullies went after him and he died last week in Indiana.
Students told Fox59 News it was common knowledge that children bullied Billy and from what they said, it was getting worse. Last Thursday, Billy's mother found him dead inside their barn. He had hung himself.

Students said on that same day, some students told Billy to kill himself.

"They said stuff like 'you're like a piece of crap' and 'you don't deserve to live.' Different things like that. Talked about how he was gay or whatever," said Swango.

Principal Phil Chapple doesn't deny that students are bullied in the high school, but he said he didn't know Billy was one of the victims.

"We were not aware of that situation," said Chapple.
So when we talk about Focus on the Family opposing laws against bullying, or the danger to kids in school, this is why.

And this about a boy in MInnesota:

In the weeks since she found her son dead in his room on July 9, Tammy Aaberg has heard from many of her son's friends at Anoka High School. They told her Justin Aaberg had been bullied and had recently broken up with his boyfriend.

Those same students also opened up about their own experiences, telling her they feel harassed and unsafe as gay and lesbian students.

"These kids, they just hate themselves. They literally feel like they want to die. So many kids are telling me this," said Tammy Aaberg, fighting tears.
But students harassing them are the real victims of Focus on the Family, who think that their religious values require them to bully other students unto death.

Update Homophobic bigots are posting messages of hate on the memorial facebook page set up for Billy. THe mind boggles. Wonder how many of them think that is the "Christian" thing to do.


Pagan Sphinx said...

This is heartbreaking. Tragic. And when I hear of it, the tears well up in me.

There was a boy here in western Massachusetts who killed himself last year. He was only 13. Same thing: taunted for being gay because he was small and delicate and studious.

This is a timely post because September is suicide prevention month. But it every month should be.

It is always on my radar. My now happily married gay daughter attempted suicide once and constantly thought of it for two years between the age of 16 and 18.

Focus on the Family is a hateful organization. How could anyone with a heart oppose measures to save the lives of children?

Thank you for this.

JCF said...

Give SG1 a {hug} for all of us, Gina (and wish her Happy 2nd Anniversary for us! I know it's coming up soon. As is . . . Our Gracious Host's! :-D)

Focus on the Family (and their 'phobic ilk) push me to the LIMITS of my universalism (i.e., there needs to be a HELL, so they can be sent there to BURN! >:-0)

James said...

Jesus wept. That's all that can be said. On the day of resurrection, many people will find themselves subject to the same "charity" they meted out.

Erika Baker said...

"On the day of resurrection, many people will find themselves subject to the same "charity" they meted out"

Oh, I so hope not! If God is merely "more of the same but this time batting for the other side", then we're truly lost.

I just wish there was a way of getting through to the hearts of these people and genuinely making them understand what it is they're doing.
Just why are so many of us so completely devoid of empathy?

IT said...

Wise words, Erika. It takes a lot of work not to become the flip side of Them.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Thank you, JCF. :-)