Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NOM exposed; New Website

Tired of the lies and vitriol from Maggie Gallagher and the NOMmers? The Courage Campaign and the HRC have put all the facts about NOM in one convenient website: Now you can find out the facts about their massive, anti-gay money laundering operation.

Newsweek reviewed the site and its effort to expose the facts.

The Courage Campaign and the HRC say they will continue in the coming months and years to expose NOM and its donors so that religious communities will be aware that their fundraising may not necessarily be directed to poor and struggling families during the recession but to political campaigns to fight gay marriage. The site highlights a recent news report on how the Knights of Columbus has donated about $1.4 million to NOM, versus channeling that money to initiatives for the poor. The NOM Project also details specific legal challenges to NOM by state so that local activists can educate voters. For example, according to the site “NOM provided more than $1.8 million of the $3 million spent by opponents of marriage equality to pass Question 1—but it illegally failed to disclose where the money came from. Public disclosure laws create transparency by informing voters who is behind a campaign effort. Maine’s law does this by requiring that any funds raised to support or oppose a ballot question be made public.”

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