Thursday, September 23, 2010

Study: who is family?

From the WaPo:
A majority of Americans now "consider same-sex couples with children" to be a family, according to a study released Wednesday...... When asked "Which living arrangements count as family?", respondents then judged several categories, among them "husband and wife, with children," "two men, with children" and "two women, with children."

The study found that a majority define two women or two men with children to be a 'family.'
The researchers also found "a strong link between religious views and the exclusivity of family definitions," a discovery that may reflect the 'one man, one woman' marriage advocacy undertaken by several major religious and cultural organizations in opposition to a political and cultural movement for gay rights, including gay marriage.

From the study:

"Respondents who relied on religious explanations were among the most steadfast opponents to enlarging the scope of family definitions and extending the rights and privileges of marriage to same-sex couples, frequently invoking 'God's will' ('It's not in God's will for it. God created man for woman and woman for man').

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