Friday, October 1, 2010

NOM is coming to a California city near you!

The National Organization for Marriage has a bus tour in California to support Carly Fiorina and oppose marriage equality.

So far they are being mostly outnumbered by pro-equality counter-protesters. THey are a little shy about showing up if they think the equality folks are out in force.

More about the tour at the pro-equality NOM Tour Tracker

Don't you think you should let them know what you think?

Friday, October 1:

9:30 AM – Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz) - Santa Cruz Mission Park [GoogleMaps]
11:15 AM – Hollister (San Benito) - Veteran's Memorial Building [GoogleMaps]
12:30 PM – Salinas (Monterey) - Central Park [GoogleMaps]
1:30 PM – Soledad (Monterey) - Gabilan Park [GoogleMaps]
3:15 PM – Paso Robles (San Luis Obispo) - Paso Robles City Park [GoogleMaps]
5:00 PM – Santa Maria (San Luis Obispo) - Preiskar Park [GoogleMaps]

Saturday, October 2:

8:00 AM – Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara) - Mission Historical Park [GoogleMaps]
9:30 AM – Camarillo (Ventura) - Nueva Vida [GoogleMaps]
2:30 PM – Dana Point (Orange) - Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel [GoogleMaps]
4:30 PM – Huntington Beach (Orange) - Huntington Beach Parking Area [GoogleMaps]

Sunday, October 3 - Rest Day!

Monday, October 4:

10:00 AM – Santa Ana (Orange) - 4th & Spurgeon [GoogleMaps]
11:45 AM – Oceanside (San Diego) - Capistrano Park [GoogleMaps]
1:00 PM – Escondido (San Diego) - Grape Park [GoogleMaps]
7:00 PM – RALLY – San Diego (San Diego) - Comunidad Christiana NAM [Google Maps]

Tuesday, October 5:

11:45 AM – El Centro (Imperial) - Stark Field [GoogleMaps]

4:30 PM – San Bernardino (San Bernardino) - Secombe Lake Park [GoogleMaps]

6:00 PM – RALLY – East LA (Los Angeles) - TBA

Wednesday, October 6:

10:00 AM – Riverside (Riverside) - Fairmount Park [GoogleMaps]

12:00 PM – Los Angeles (Los Angeles) - Olvera Street [GoogleMaps]


JCF said...

So the @sshats headed south (of me, in Sacto).

Selfish of me---but I hope they'll stay there. There's more important things up here . . . GO GIANTS!!!! :-D

[Give 'em (the mythological concept of) Hell, IT! >;-)]

IT said...

They stopped in Davis a day or two ago, and I think Sacto too

Unfortunately, owing to having a job, I can't go wave my signs at them