Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Highlights and lowlights from the election

NOM succeeds in its efforts to "punish" judges for unpopular decision in Iowa, and hopes to rescind marriage in New Hampshire based on its luck in the state legislature.

On the other hand, at least lead Prop8 mastermind Andy Pugno LOST his bid for California legislature and NOM-backed candidates lost more than they won.

As predicted, Teh Gay are blamed for the losses in DC. Don't expect any movement on LGBT issues.

In California, Jerry Brown, a marriage equality supporter, won the Governorship. The Attorney General race is too close to call. The Democrat is pro-equality. The REpublican is not.


james said...

It was a sad day for the gospel of Jesus. How anyone can call her/himslef a Christian and vote Republican is beyond comprehension.

Yes, it's all the Gays fault, fo course. And for get equality being on a back burner. It's been put in the pantry and the door closed. Regardless of what the President said a few minutes ago, equality has been shoved back to the 1890s.

I'm really shocked that not one person of African ancestry is now in the senate.

A sad, sad day. But, God is still in charge and the sky hasn't fallen. It's just going to be really, really rough to be non white-male-straight-rich.

JCF said...

IT, I think your characterization "As predicted, Teh Gay are blamed for the losses in DC" is a bit unfair. There's blame to go around, but I haven't heard anyone single out "Teh Gays."

It was Teh Economy, overwhelmingly.

IT said...

Actually if you read the column I linked, Evan Bayh is blaming "over reach" on DADT as one of the contributing factors.

James said...

Yes, IT and some of the commentators on CNN were pointing out that the "Gay agenda' hurt the democrats.

NancyP said...

Americans need a scapegoat that can be blamed *in public*. Even the worst bigots have learned to use dog-whistle terms when disparaging blacks, Jews, Hispanics, etc. Anti-woman comments are so common in the rest of life that it seems unremarkable when politicians diss women.

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