Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making health decisions for your partner? We can't have that!

Rob Tisinai points out a video from the American Family Association (which SPLC calls a hate group), where the AFA disagree with letting LGBT partners into the hospital to make decisions about their loved ones, because that's like marriage!
they want to recognize domestic partners as the same as marriage. So, eventually, what I think [uh] Health and Human Services is going to do, is gonna ramp this policy up a little bit, and go beyond merely visiting in a hospital room . . . to who’s allowed to make decisions with regards to treatments, if [if] a [uh] person is in the hospital unconcious, those kinds of things. I think where this will eventually head is a domestic partner is the same as a spouse, and they will have equal rights in determining [uh] what those decisions should be.
What's spectacularly missing of course is whom the AFA thinks SHOULD be making decisions when a partner is in the hospital.

What they want is us to die alone. They really do hate us. Really.

Remember, it's not just about "Marriage". It's about ANY recognition at all of us as equal citizens.


JCF said...

What they want is us to die alone. They really do hate us. Really.

And, in the immortal words of soon-to-be-ex Congressman :-( Alan Grayson, "DIE QUICKLY!"

Erp said...

Equal humans not just equal citizens. These laws affect married same-sex couples visiting the US and one falls ill.