Saturday, December 4, 2010

Voices of Faith Speak Out: time to stand up

From the Methodist blog John Wesley Club
In light of these recent tragedies, perhaps it’s time to look at the church’s liability, or at least their culpability in the suicides of teens who feel repressed, hated, and bullied by society and institutions in our society.
And as they always like to use the expression “hate the sin, not the sinner” when often they’re covering up for  the hatred that they affirm for that sinner, then I will also say, I hate their bigotry, their prejudice, their bullying, and the faux “Christian” cover they give for hateful and destructive acts. I hate the words that they choose that lead children to end their own lives. And I hate when they take their church in the direction of that hatefulness and call it Holy.
Laity, it’s time to remind your minister that you expect his or her sermons to reflect a message of Christ’s love, Grace, and peace.  You know, like in the Bible. And then make sure that you support him: participate in the governance of the church, or in a group that helps kids in emotional crisis, or participate in a ground level physical effort to raise awareness.   That DOES NOT mean just “put out a message on facebook once in a while”.   The angry and prejudiced mob knows about ground level work, and they willing to get their hands dirty.  They are obviously not fazed by some blood at their church door.   Tell your friends that you no longer want to participate in a message that pushes children to suicide.

Clergy, it’s time to come together and get out of the closet.  You are indeed being bullied and threatened both explicitly and implicitly.  So perhaps you too, should band together.  Has there been one published petition denouncing the homophobic bullying of kids in our communities?  Has any group of pastors or Bishops denounced the church’s “official” discriminatory position that tells kids and adults they are unworthy?  Are there ten pastors in leadership positions that would sign a letter to the editor?

Wash your hands of this blood, or surely He will wash his hands of us all.


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